Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

by kris1911 on August 28, 2011

In the eyes of law, it is a parent (s) responsibility and duty to take care of their child’s needs, health, and welfare. But there are times when we see the grandparent (s) or relatives come forward to parent and raise children. This is nothing new to us; we have all seen such situation cropping up due to various reasons. When relatives (even grandparents) come forward to raise a child, it is often referred to as Kinship Care-giving. You can refer to these relatives as Kinship Parents. Mujeres


Whenever a grandparent or another relative turns into a “around the clock” parent, it might be due to a  parent passing away or the parent being sent away (for ex. in the military) or the parent being sent to prison behind bars. It might merely be because the child faces troubles & problems with the social environment he/she is in and needs a change, however usually, there’s some sort of association between drug abuse and dependence on alcohol in addition to abandonment or neglecting from the parents. The parent(s) might be psychologically ill, locked up in prison, or plainly and sadly incompetent of being kind and thoughtful towards their children.

In accordance with the 2000 U.S. opinion poll, there were near to two and a half million families where the grandparents are raising their grandkids. Undoubtedly, the digits have increased to a large extent in the last ten years.  In addition, the figures do not even reckon other relatives who act as parents for instance the people who are raising their sisters’ or brothers’ children or, still however, people raising their nephew’s or nieces’ children. 57 percent of these grandparents who are bringing up their grandchildren still are working and 17 percent live in poverty. I’m sure the census for the years to come will not show us greater hope, though I pray that that miracle does come about!

As other relatives or grandparent (s) or kinship parent (s), we might not have any psychological, emotional, or monetary groundwork when we started to raise these children. This, obviously, could be intimidating. Everything, right from needing baby diapers, to formula, to a suitable car seat and car seat belts for the child, to furniture for instance cribs, bunk bed, to having to deal with a sick child with medical and health concerns, everything might need immediate address. How then, I wonder, these grandparents raise their grandchildren so lovingly and to perfection!? I guess it comes from knowing how to be a parent and from the deep feeling of being responsible for another life.

Today we need more information and guidance designed to assist such guide grandparents along with other relatives who we refer to as the kinship parent, in their hard work to parent, raise, and teach these kids and to uncover the resources that are or could be needed for the kids in addition to themselves.

Out in the world are a few grandparents, who deal, on a daily basis, with children who’ve approached them with relentless mental & health problems, while there are other grandparents who are busy raising kids with physical disability, children who need to use medical supplies and wheelchairs. Whether the needs of these children are for medical supplies or an extension of their physical or mental disability, their grandparent(s) could be in a desperate want for medical resources and financial support.

Grandparents today are becoming increasingly aware of their rights. If your grandchild is being neglected or being abused by his parent (s), you can now stand up and fight for them. You can petition the court of law to bring about justice; you can call help lines and service departments for help and assistance. Grandparents who feel that they can do a better job at bringing up their grandchild after the death of your child or under any special circumstance, you can now go ahead and appeal in court requesting custody of your grandchild.

Grandparents all over the world extend not only unconditional love to their grandchildren, but they are also role models, they are teachers, they are caretakers, they are the treasury that holds tales from the past….grandparents are their grandchildren’s strength and safekeeping forever! This is a bond that defies all other in terms of its magic!

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Lori C November 3, 2011 at 5:46 pm

My husband and I have taken on the responsibility of two of our grandchildren and their younger sibling. Although they are a true blessing I really didn’t have any idea how hard it would be to get help so we could continue to work. We are younger grandparents with above poverty income which disqualifies us for daycare assistance or anything else. We are now faced with one of us quitting our job and staying home with a 4, 2 and 1 year old because the daycare cost is more then one of our paychecks. Our biggest fear is my husband who is almost 50 will quit his job and stay home with the boys and then the courts give them back to their parent(s) and then he won’t be able to find another job. It kills me that if the boys were put into a foster home the state would pay over 2,000 a month for their care but because we are family and not senior citizens yet we have to take on all expenses ourselves. Who has 1,500 a month extra income now days to pick up daycare expenses when you haven’t had them in over 20 years? I feel lost and helpless. All I want to do is keep my grandchildren safe and happy in a home they are familiar with and with family they love. It just isn’t fair that relatives can’t get more help.


cindy allgood March 25, 2013 at 6:52 pm

I am in the exact same situation right now. I have had my 3 small grandchildren since Dec and we are pulling out of our savings (I just got married in Sept and bought a new home) just to make ends meet because of daycare cost. We are over the financial limit for any financial help. Were you ever able to get some help and if so could you offer any suggestions?
I hope your grandchildren were able to stay with you and that you are all doing well.


Elaine Williams December 1, 2011 at 8:31 pm

The bond between these grandparents and their grandchildren is amazing. The commitment they make to the children is amazing. I became interested in this population when I came upon Hillary Clinton in D.C. talking to a group of grandparents raising grandchildren, and being a social worker I started researching and interviewing members of the group. When my sister became primary caregiver for her grandchildren, I got even more interested in the situation. The culmination in this interest is my book “The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”. I’d love your comments on my blog.


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